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APAP Showings at Joe's Pub

Hello all and welcome to the New Year!

2019 was a very busy year and 2020 is shaping up to be just as productive. Thank you to everyone subscribed! There will be monthly updates with information about shows, projects, and performances so stay tuned.

First off, we're kicking things off with DANCE NOW's Encore of an Encore showing for APAP in New York!! The performances will be Sunday, Jan.12th at 4pm.

Here's a lovely blurb from a New York Times post:

"DANCE NOW at Joe’s Pub (Jan. 12, 4 p.m.). In September, this long-running festival returned to Joe’s, the comfy, intimate cabaret space, where 40 dance artists attempted to satisfy the challenge of creating a complete, compelling statement in five minutes or less on a teeny stage. The top 10 were invited back for an encore after which Nicole Vaughan-Diaz was declared the winner with her duet “A Portrait of Them,” performed with Ryan Rouland-Smith. The encore receives an encore this weekend, as Vaughan-Diaz and Rouland-Smith reprise their work along with the other finalists.212-967-7555, joespub.com"

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