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The Reviews Are In! - The Flick

"Tsiambwom M. Akuchu makes a gentle, awkward, vulnerable Avery, whose neuroses are embodied with convincing physicality, and he delivers some heart wrenching moments as he opens up and unravels his pained history. Corey M. Gagne creates a Sam, whose very mediocrity contains a certain quiet dignity and pride, and as, an actor, he accomplishes the difficult task of creating "the ordinary guy" with total conviction and compassion. Casey Turner as Rose projects just the right blend of jadedness and yearning, seizing opportunities as they come and making self-survival a priority, though we see she, too, longs for more. Johnny Speckman rounds out the cast with a cameo as a sleepy movie patron and as the Avery's lackluster replacement in the final scene."

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